New Course Added March 2017 – Volunteer Program Policies & Procedures

In this course, you’ll learn about 14 policies and their accompanying procedures that can be important additions to the practices that ensure the safe and effective operation of your volunteer program. After an introduction to policy development in volunteer programs, Lessons 2 through 4 explore policies with varying levels of legal connections and specific relationships with volunteer programs. Lesson 5 examines more suggested policies and the process to ensure policies are up to date.

Course length: Approximately 1.5 hours.

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What’s in this Course?

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Policies & Procedures
What are policies & procedures? Learn about how policies are developed and why it is important to create unique policies & procedures for your volunteer program.

Lesson 2 – Legally Required Policies
Explore the three legally required policies and their legal connections: Privacy & Personal Information, Accessibility and Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention

Lesson 3 – Policies with a Legally Required Component
Learn about three policies with legal connections (although not required by law): Screening, Record Keeping and Code of Conduct

Lesson 4 – Important Policies
Discover three important, unique policies vital to a successful volunteer program: Role Creation & Position Description Development, Feedback & Evaluation and Dismissal

Lesson 5 – More Policies
Explore five more useful policies and discover the process for keeping policies up to date.

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