New Course Added July 2017 – Technology for Volunteer Management

This course provides a snapshot of today’s best digital tools for volunteer managers. Explore uses for social media, planning software, collaboration tools and more! Plus, learn about what it takes to find the right volunteer management system for you. With videos showcasing different platforms, these 5 pre-recorded online learning modules allow you to increase your tech know-how on your schedule.

Course length: Approximately 1.75 hours.

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What’s in this Course?

Lesson 1 – A Technology-Friendly Volunteer Program
What is technology and how can you use it effectively? This lesson will help you understand your technology needs and covers some of the key tools for your online presence.

Lesson 2 – Social Media
Learn how to navigate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn through video and interactive scenarios in this lesson.

Lesson 3 – Communication Tools
​Discover the benefit of effective e-mails and newsletters and learn how to use video chat, instant messaging and screen sharing to make volunteer management easier.

Lesson 4 – Teamwork & Knowledge Management
Explore tools for task management, collaboration, collecting data and preparing volunteers to assist you across a variety of needs for volunteer managers.

Lesson 5 – Volunteer Management Software
​What volunteer management systems do you use? Learn about a some free and paid tools for volunteer management and additional functionality that can make your job easier.

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